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When we think of investing in Real Estate there may be many factors we take into consideration. The location is usually the beginning of our journey and discovery. Are there mountains around that draw the eye to their majestic view? Is there water that soothes the soul at the end of a long day? Are the homes close together promoting community togetherness or spaced far apart offering isolation and privacy?

Denmark, often labeled the happiest country in the world with good reason, can be a place to invest in real estate that promotes economic growth with a smile. Hygge, the comfort that was coined by this nation because they take life seriously, but not so seriously that they don’t know how to enjoy it and the comforts it can bring.

When we think of community, and a place where we want our families to grow and our businesses to thrive, happiness is always the top factor. Will we be happy here? In Denmark, happiness is the foundation of life. From the togetherness that is promoted both on a professional and personal level, the community and the people who make up that community are as important as the work that is done and the life that is lived. Thoughts of overwork and overtime are scarce because social life and society are looked at in a different way. Basically, the community as a whole looks out for one another.

Investing in property and growth of a economy that has a foundation in such forward thinking and people oriented ideas is sure to be a success for everyone. From a real estate investors view, you can be almost guaranteed sales, who doesn’t want to live in and have their families grow in an environment that promotes, safety, well-being, togetherness and care to all? From a personal standpoint on the business level, you can take great pride in knowing that the people you are helping, will find happiness, and well being in such a place.

By doing so, you are further boosting the economic growth of a country that lives by a higher set of standards and this can set the standard for other countries to follow suit. Denmark also offers the largest amount of living space in homes, in comparison to other countries within Europe.

With higher taxes it may seem like a poor choice for real estate investing but the undertones of universal health care, pension and social security offer perks to the homeowner that balances the equation by taking the well being and overall health of its citizens as the top priority.

At Copenhagen is ranked in the top ten growing cities in Europe, which shows that the growth of this country is steadily climbing, with that foundation of hygge. This ensures stability to the real estate investor who is looking to invest in property in Denmark, knowing that the country is growing, steadily with an outlook of continued future growth.

At they note that the low transaction costs is a perk for the investors when comparing it to other cities within Europe.

No matter where real estate investment lie, it is certain that Denmark is a place founded on people and it’s society. Investing in this always brings tremendous profit, not only for the individual but also for the investors.

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Jennifer Pickhan is a real estate investor and Senior Managing Partner of LegacyBuilders Global. She helps individuals creating a high performing real estate business in 1 year with our system WHERE EVERYBODY GET’S PAID!