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Don't bring your life in balance! - It will kill your dreams!

Would you like a better life? If so, you must accept and understand the concept of living in balance. Living in balance is simple: your focus must be on acceptance— understanding why things are as they are, and instead of trying to change things, you must accept them. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, accepting small changes can bring about massive improvements. Reluctant learners may find this concept much harder to accept than at first glance though. We’d rather play with a stick than live with our hands tied behind our back. Pain is inevitable. It happens with everything that we do.

When you’re in pain, some things are inevitable. When you’re hurting, some things are out of your control. Pain is part of the process, so you have to embrace it. If you don’t — like you’re at the gym and you’re afraid of lifting some heavyweights because it’ll hurt your muscles — then you’re just not going to get very far.

You know, life can knock you down a few times, hit you in the teeth, and make you bleed but that’s no reason to quit. No matter what, life is going to hurt; it’s up to us whether we want to be a victim or a warrior.

The more someone hurts us, the harder we fight for them.

Balance is the enemy of greatness

Bringing your life into balance is the last thing you should do. If you want to be truly successful in life, you can’t bring your life in balance. You must go out of balance and stay there, even if it hurts.

In the world of business, balance is often seen as a positive asset. People say that you need to have a healthy work-life balance so that you can have better results at work and home.

But in today’s article, we’ll tell you why we think that there’s no such thing as a “healthy” balance. We’ll argue that balance is the enemy of greatness.

Balance is boring and keeps you mediocre

Don’t get us wrong, the balance has its place. If you want to become an average person who does average things and leads an average life, that’s great! Balance is for you! It will keep your life in check and will prevent it from falling apart.

But if you want to achieve excellence — if you want to be extraordinary — then the balance is your worst enemy.

Balance is a visual illusion

Balance is a visual illusion and just a way to compensate for our emotions. If we see something that is not balanced, we feel bad or uncomfortable. If we are the ones who create something that is not balanced, we feel bad and frustrated because our minds want everything to be equal and we can’t accept it if something doesn’t look right.

Designers use the balance to create visual interest in their work and to communicate information easily and clearly. For example, an unbalanced design would look weird and chaotic but when you add balance, you make the design visually appealing.

It’s not real, it’s an invention of our minds. We want to feel safe and comfortable and that’s why we crave balance. Balance makes us feel protected from chaos and instability.

Balance is important in the way that it gives us safety, but without balance, life would be boring. It’s okay to have a little imbalance in life because when something is balanced it’s also static. Imbalance gives movement, it makes things more interesting. If everything was perfectly balanced there would be no progress or change, no evolution. Change comes from imbalance.

Don’t try to balance everything. It’s impossible!

Here’s the thing: We don’t think you can. We don’t think anyone can.

The idea that you can and should balance everything is a myth. It’s a myth that’s rooted in a deep desire to believe that we can control everything and that outcomes are within our control. If we just try hard enough, we can have it all! If we just work hard enough, we can do it all! 

If we just keep working long enough, somehow it will all get done.

But the truth is, you’re one person with finite resources and energy. You can’t be infinite and limitless. You can only do so much. You must make choices about how you spend your time and energy. And sometimes those choices mean letting some things fall away so you can focus on other things more fully.

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