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Every day we receive questions over questions from our investors. Some have concerning about the current situation; some are full of energy and want to be ready as soon as the right time to invest. What is the right industry to invest?

✅ What is the best timing to invest?

✅ Are we already at the low point?

✅ Is now the right time to buy real estate?

✅ What is the right industry to invest?

✅ Will inflation come?

One thing is sure, we are living in a very interesting time right now. Especially for investors it’s a super exiting time.

On the other hand, COVID 19 requires actions and shows the consequences we’ve never seen before.

Well, these days are for all of us life-changing. As entrepreneurs and investors, we need to adapt as fast as possible. That means, we need to keep our eyes open, see what we can implement and what products and services are requested.

The other topic what we discuss a lot in our team:

✅ What is an ethical investment?

✅ What is the life changing opportunity for you?

✅ Is it all about money?

✅ Do you want to use this time to reach the next level in your career?

Do you want to improve your family life?

I am convinced, that building relationship now is the best thing you can do. So many people are focused on surviving and depending on your products & services, it might be not the time to sell it and win new customers.

It’s the time to stick together and held each other, that our economy recovers as fast as possible.

We will not have the “normal” back. There will be changes in future and we will get to know a new “normal” life.

Well, for answering this question, you must know, what would be a life changing opportunity for you? What do you want next?

What is your current position and what do you must change that you will be in this position to create these opportunities?

For my husband and me, it was to focus on a network with individuals they were searching the same thing, they are hungry for the next “thing”, they already went this way we want to go. An environment, where we can discuss ideas, concept plans, and grow our investments and businesses.

If you are asking yourself…

✍️ What is your next?

✍️ How you can invest in the best way?

✍️ How you can find your opportunities?

…in this case you should not miss our next free live webinar.

Click here to choose your best day and time in the week. We offer this webinar in English & German!

Being curious is a very good start to realize good opportunities! Be curious an e-meet us in person. Let’s use this time to get us know better and see what potentials we have, not only for us, but for our network.

About the Author
Jennifer Pickhan is a real estate investor and Senior Managing Partner of LegacyBuilders Global. She helps individuals creating a high performing real estate business in 1 year with our system WHERE EVERYBODY GET’S PAID!