Mission & Values



Our Mission is your freedom. We provide you a safe, secure and profitable way to add real estate to your portfolio, so you can build wealth like the top 1% of rich people do!


Our core values include, Reliability, a true partnership approach and speed of implementation. If you want to know more about our values, feel free to download our Code of Honor for free.

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Why are we doing what we are doing and what is it we are doing anyway?

LegacyBuilders was founded to provide the best investment opportunities to you as an investor. We believe that real estate today is still one of the best asset classes available to build wealth. Even in a digitalized world, people will need a nice place to live. With our approach we bring investors, developers and agents together. Not only locally, but internationally. Together with our partners we provide you with opportunities around the world.

We also believe that you should also invest only in things you understand. Because of this value we are not selling you investment real estate, but we also increase your knowledge along the way. At the end you will be smarter and richer.

If you are looking for a team which is entirely dedicated to help you reach your goals, don’t look any further. Together we can achieve your targets safe and fast.

Contact us today to kick start building your Legacy with real estate.

Founding Partners


Jennifer Pickhan

Jennifer Pickhan is a Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, TUV Certified Real Estate Appraiser & Financial Planner. She started her Real Estate career at the age of 18 with an internship at one of the top realtors in Europe in Mallorca. When she finished the study in business administration she joined the biggest construction company in the Mannheim area and worked in their Marketing & Sales department.

Eventually she hunted down the possibility to join a start up in the development of shopping centers, where she did all their financial calculation, lease contract negotiations and was responsible for the apprentices.As a Real Estate appraiser she has helped countless people to make the right choice while buying the property they wanted, She made sure that they felt safe and secure with their choice.

2017 she founded LegacyBuilders Global where she works on educating people about real estate and helping them to make their first steps investing in it.

Jan-Marc Pickhan

Jan-Marc Pickhan is a leadership expert who has 10 years of leadership experience, by his beginning 30s. In his career he has built multiple teams out of suppliers, contractors and staff. He has the experience in building local teams as well as building an international team of experts with team members in Japan, Singapore, Spain, Germany, France, USA and Canada. A true global championship team by a lot of means.

He was part of multiple negotiation teams, which negotiated contracts of a total value of over 100M Euros. For his drive and performance, he was selected to two leadership programs in 2011 and 2016.

Today he loves inspiring and helping others to become great leaders too. He and his team have helped countless partners and clients to achieve their project deadlines and to have "peace of mind" with their choices. 2017 he founded LegacyBuilders Global with his wife and brings the corporate experience into the company.