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Change – Opportunity – Responsibility – Optimism – Needs – Acceleration

In this article, I would like to provide you with some insights how I am looking at Corona and what I think everybody can take out of this crisis.

How we ended up where we are and how we can get out of it the fastest way and what every one of us can do in order to make sure that we are better off after this crisis than we were before.  

I think the “C” in Corona can be identified as the word change. Why is that? Almost everyone is working out of the home office. Only essential workers can go anywhere and perform jobs on construction sites, in the field of energy distribution, health care, and other very essential duties for the public.

Now, if we are looking at this; home office before was something that, especially in Germany, was looked at this crazy idea that people could work efficiently in digital teams.

Before this crisis, there was no necessity to allow it to even try it. If you were working in a home office like myself, sometimes you were looked at funny as you were not as productive or you were absent from what happens in the office and could not keep up with everything. Now, Corona has totally changed that because suddenly almost everyone is working from home and apparently, it’s working out pretty well.

Even though right now we have all our kids at home because that is the way how it works in the lock down.

Digitization plays another key role in this change because everyone is suddenly forced to digitize. Do you have an online shop? Is your coaching available as an online version? Do you know how to work with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and all of the other things you can work with? Are you able to help your clients remotely? Can you lead a totally digital team where you cannot look all the time over everybody’s shoulder and see how much time they are spending on the coffee machine? It also involves a lot of trust in order to make this efficient.

 It is the right thing moving forward and it’s going to change how we are working. Even though when we get out of this lock-down. There is almost zero travel. You cannot cross borders easily. It poses a totally different challenge on everyone. I think that goes hand in hand with the digitization. How quick can you now reach out to your clients? How can you offer them your digital services? Are your products available on the Internet? Can they be bought? Can they be executed?

Can you execute while you cannot travel?

It is a good thing; it is going to be a catalyst; if you can do that you are almost guaranteed to be one step ahead. If you are recognizing that Corona is going to change how we are working from today on, tomorrow and the day after. I think this change will last an exceptionally long time and it’s actually for the better of all of us.

Then all the sudden, there is this strong state. Now the police is enforcing that everybody stays at home. You have fines everywhere. You have controls. There is also the state that is trying to help the economy with what we would call helicopter money.

Money is dropped into the companies. You can apply for it. In Germany, you get 9000 Euros, little questions asked. They are trying to keep the companies afloat. So far, the state is trying to protect everyone and keep the health care system from overflowing. Now, if you like a strong state or not, depends on your point of view. For me personally, if they do the good stuff and make sure that many companies that have a viable business model can survive, it`s OK.

Let me repeat it. A viable business model and can survive even after Corona if they keep them afloat. That would make sure we are coming out of this crisis stronger, better and maybe even more efficient than ever. But enforcing laws on your citizens like this lock-down and having the police control it. I do not know, apparently, it is necessary because not everybody realizes how bad it might already be.

Then there is this total stop on the economy, which is crazy to think about, not even 2008 that happened. The whole economy almost came to a standstill. Supply chains interrupted. China recovering. Yes, but suddenly, demand from the Western countries dropped to almost zero. Why? Because everyone is in the lock-down. Companies are shutting down. Restaurants are shutting down. It is crazy.

If you thought that would happen like two years ago or even like half a year ago, and you would have told somebody. Imagine a world where, like all the restaurants are shut down, all the shops are closed. Only essential things are open. They would probably have called you insane. Now here we are. It happened. It is the way it is right now. And it is interesting to see how everyone is going to get out of this crisis as soon as the lock-down is revoked.

Can we go back to; I would not say a normal life because life is going to be different in many shapes and forms, but to our changed life. Hopefully changed for the better depending on what you did. One realization many people came to is in the past years, the job market was extraordinarily strong. Everybody could basically select the job they wanted. It was extremely hard to find any people, talents for sure and to find and secure the talents right now is still challenging. To find anybody for a job was awfully hard in the last year. And now, all of the sudden, there is record unemployment. I mean, as the date of this, it is like 26 million people in the US have been added to unemployment in four weeks.

Germany has a record registering number of companies for short term work, it’s everywhere around the world, it is the same thing. People are starting to realize all of the sudden it is not that secure job.

Now, with this change in mind, my hope is that more and more people realize that they should have a second or third stream of income coming from investments, being it cryptocurrencies, real estate, stocks and dividends or direct investments in companies and startups; whatever your preferred choice is. If you are right now in that lock-down and you are not using it to think about how many streams of income do I have and should I be adding at least a second and a third stream of income, then that might not be a good thing. Let us face it, in every crisis, wealth is newly distributed.

It is the name of the game.

It worked in every crisis the same way. Now, the ones that have income coming from investments, obviously, even if you love your job and you want to have a job your whole life and you really, really love working for that company. There is no reason why not to add a second- or third-income stream. It gives you more balance, better sleep, more safety, more security, probably better health because of less stress. Start now and try to use this change in order to make sure you are doing the little changes in your life.

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 The second letter the “O” in Corona can be classified for me as opportunity.

I will not take any position on how severe it is and who is right about what measures are the right things. I leave that up to the experts. I am not a health expert, but here it comes:

In every crisis there is opportunity. I strongly believe the oneself or the company, but usually it is driven by people that can innovate. The fastest to adapt will be the winners in this crisis because innovation is always key in order to make sure you keep your competition on distance, or you even do not have any competition.

 If you are operating something that nobody can copy that easily in a crisis, jackpot. Innovation is the thing that can put you further. Use this lock-down to innovate for yourself and for your company. If you are an employee trying to find innovative ways, you are doing your job and trying to help your team and your teammates and your fellow coworkers in order to drive this innovation, this might be the way how you can change everything. Whenever the company stabilizes again, they will look for the ones that saved the company. Digitization is a big, big opportunity and many people have put it off because they did not understand the necessity. They thought the old way of doing business will never die. And here we are. It died and it was very sudden, a so-called sudden death. Now, the ones that digitized before are the ones that are winning right now, they are gaining market share. They can accelerate day by day and laugh that they still can reach their clients, that they can be on a video call, that they can still help everyone.

 Digitization is a key opportunity in this crisis. With this crisis or without in the lock-down or after the lock-down, you must push to digitize your business. Digitize the back and the front end and make sure that you are present on all the digital channels that are available to you.

If you are thinking about your competition, wherever you can digitalize, you will win. I have seen many fitness trainers offering free YouTube videos. I have seen yoga teachers doing the same thing. Even our kindergarten, for example, offers advice on what you can play with your kids, how you do the little dances. What to do with paper and all the other things they do because parents do not know how to do it. We do not. It is one thing that sets this company apart from everyone else. Parents can check them out. They can find that out about them and it will last.

Parents will remember that they have helped them. It is the same thing for you.

If you are an investor, an employee, or an entrepreneur, if you now can help your clients and can help them faster you will gain an advantage over your competition. They may be too slow to adapt. Then there’s social media. It is still a big, big opportunity for every one of us to use it in the right way. Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, whatever you want to use. It is something that can present a big opportunity. Create the content and going forward, if you’re making sure you’re positioning yourself in in the right way, it can actually level the playing field.

 I think Corona is leveling the playing field because it forces everyone to innovate, to digitize and to totally find yourself in uncharted territory. That is a crisis, no one who’s living right now has experienced before, different than everything we know off and the reactions are totally different, too.

If you are able to innovate faster, to digitize faster, to see all of the opportunities around you, you will be winning over every one who is paralyzed and stuck in this analysis mode and trying to do small changes one after the other. I think radical changes are needed. They will make sure that everyone succeeds that is able to do them and to do them faster than the competition.

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 The third letter, the “R“ in Corona for me stands for responsibility because we have to stay at home. That is the responsibility we must protect other people that might not be able to protect themselves. We need to make sure we are keeping the economy going.

As an entrepreneur, as an investor or as an employee, every one of us has the responsibility to make sure the economy keeps going. If you can work, work, even if it is only a few minutes, a few hours a day.

Yes, it is not easy!

Nobody said it is easy, because if I am looking at our situation, we have a three-year-old son and he is at home. So, it is not easy to balance everything in order to make sure that both of us can be working. But we do it and I urge everyone to do it. Why? Because the more we keep the economy running, the more we help each other out, the more we spend on our money locally and support the local economy will help too.

 In your country, in your area, it makes a lot of difference and it is everyone’s responsibility to do so. We all have a responsibility in this crisis. If you can offer something, I think in this crisis, you must do it and you must find ways in order to support other people. To support your fellow human beings, in order to make sure that humankind works the way out of that crisis and that everyone has a good chance to do so. Now, also, one of the key responsibilities is money in order to save lives and your family. We talked about that in the beginning when I wrote about the change. I think it is your responsibility and it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure they have enough money to survive.

I know that is hard to say and different people have different opinions on it. Personally, I do not think the state should be responsible in order to make sure everyone can save lives. They can pitch in, but at the end it means they will have to recover the money.

 With what? Taxes! It is the only solution they have!

For us as responsible citizens, that means we need to build multiple streams of income. If you have a job, that is one stream. If you have dividends from stock, that is another stream. If you have real estate, that is another stream. If you have cryptocurrency, that is another stream. If you can do trading, that is another stream. I personally believe that we should have at least two streams of income. Because we are humans. We are not flamingos!

That means standing on one leg can be very, very tiring, and extremely dangerous for yourself, but also for your loved ones. You do not have the money to survive and you do not have additional income that makes it easier and less stressful to go through this crisis? Do something now!

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Let us talk about the fourth letter “O” in Corona for me stands for optimism. Why?Because in these uncertain times, people more than ever look for leadership.

They look for people they can orient them-self on. They look for role models. They look for this North Star, which helps them get through this crisis in order to get back to normal life or for better terms into something that comes after a debt crisis. And there it is. Every one of us has the responsibility to share the leadership, to lead in your job, to lead with investments, to lead with optimism, and to make sure that people can orient them self on you in a positive way.Give them faith that this crisis will be over and that everything which comes will be, for sure a better thing. Optimism has to do with the mindset you have.

You must make sure that your head is clean from all this negativity, that you have less doubt than everybody else, that you will have more courage than everybody else, that you remain positive.

You must make sure everyone else in your environment is infected with positivity, regardless of where you are in this crisis and what economic impact it will have. It is your responsibility. It is my responsibility. It is everyone’s responsibility that we maintain a good, positive, strong mindset.

That is the only way how we can make sure that we see chances where others see the crises, that we see opportunities, where others only see threats. Have your mindset right! If you need to work on your mindset, right now is the perfect time to read about it, to listen to podcasts about it, to do whatever you need to do in order to maintain a positive mindset or change your mindset in a positive way.

 Take it day by day. Share positivity with everyone. There is so much negativity right now out there. It is your responsibility to become that one little positive note that somebody reads about or this one little positive word somebody hears today.

If every one of us just shares a little bit of positivity every single day, I strongly believe we can shorten the bad experience that everybody has and then we can make sure we are coming through this together much better.

At the end we must push through. Everyone, out there reading this. We all must push through this crisis. There is no time to relax or stuff like that. You must make sure you’re pushing through in order to make sure that on the other side you are better off than when this thing started. Pushing through is the only option we have as a society. It is the only option we have as investors. It is the only option we have as entrepreneurs. It is the only option we have as employees. Everyone is responsible to push through, to stay strong and to do the very best in his or her abilities to make sure that crisis turns around and it turns around quickly in order to maintain your optimism.

Sometimes you must take it day by day. Not only good days, though, also bad days. It is easier to just admit, OK, that was a bad day today. Then you just go to bed and have a rest. Have a good night sleep, tomorrow is a new day. The sheets are clean. The paper is blank. You can start all over with positivity!

 One thing Corona made noticeably clear this crisis is different than any other. We can only succeed in this crisis together; it is the only way. Only together we can make social distancing work. Only together we can make the effort that the economy will suffer less and will have a faster recovery after the lock-downs. Only we can make sure the lock-downs are a success.

Together we can make it work. If we do not bound together, then all the optimism is worthless. Together, I am sure we can succeed in this crisis.

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 The number five for me is the “N” in Corona stands for needs. Everyone has different needs. In a crisis like this right now, it is not the time for egoism. I said it before.

We must do it together. But the human brain works quite different in a survival mode, because in survival mode you are focused on yourself first and on your family, and that’s about it! That is okay, because this is how our brains are wired. This is what protected us for years, hundreds and thousands of years. What made sure that humankind would survive!

But is it really about toilet paper? Really?

Do we have nothing more to worry about? We must make sure as a society, every single one of us, that we focus on our needs. But we leave enough on the table for everyone else. I think the needs in this crisis, they are changing, and everybody realizes what they really need and what they do not. I am coming back to the leadership aspect in the needs. We must demonstrate leadership. We must hold other people also accountable that when it comes to the needs, that they are focused on the survival of everyone, not just them self.

People are more than ever in need of leadership. To see people that are prevailing, not only surviving. To see people that are saying, hey, it is going to be all right.

Yes, it has scary now, but it is going to be all right at the end.

 They look for this North star because if they are lost, and right now a lot of people are lost. They do not know what to expect. Nobody has seen that ever before. States are printing money like crazy. The regulation changes by the minutes and everyone is in crisis and survival mode. Let us face it, people right now need money. What a lot of people out there realize that suddenly, this job they thought about was so secure does not seem so secure anymore. Maybe it is already gone. Maybe they are already on short term work.

 This is a crazy time right now; people realize that they are not safe, and they are not secure for sure. Not when it comes to money. Why? They might have missed that day when they should have been building multiple streams of income; for me personally; minimum three.

If you have five and above, you probably don’t even read this article. Or at least not right now. You are thinking. I am very safe, but people have been fooled by this false sense of security that the job market will always be stable, that they will always have the choices to make.

 Am I going to work for this employer or am I going to work for that employer?

Right now, a lot of people realize that, whoops, my employer is gone and there are no other companies out there hiring. So, if we are looking at needs and you do not have multiple streams of income right now, that is one of the things you should be focused on in this crisis. I know it’s too late to build it for today, but it’s your responsibility to incorporate that right now, in your day, in your week to make sure that you are starting to build this multiple streams of income.

It is worth investing, if it is investing in cryptocurrencies, if it is investing in real estate or the stock market for dividends, whatever you want to do! Direct business investments are good too. Make sure you get at least 2, 3 or 4 streams of income so that when the major one, maybe you job defaults you don`t have a problem. If you love your job, you should always keep it. Why not? It is a great thing to work. I think there is nothing better than working and not being idle at home.

This does not mean that you have two or three streams of income they cannot be the same amount as your salary. Imagine how different that would feel right now if you would know: Okay. If I get laid off, it does not matter. It will maybe change my lifestyle, but I would still have enough food. I would still be able to afford my home. I would still be able to maybe afford a little bit of luxury. And that is about it. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling?

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The last letter in Corona “A” stands for me for acceleration. Here is why. Corona is not a holiday. It is not vacation. Yes, it is a crisis, but you must use this crisis in order to work in your favor and not against you. You must work with the crisis, not against the crisis. You must accelerate your education, learn a new skill every day or read something.

Read not only the news because that draws you down but read some books that develop your skills. Being in business, begins with the mind, you can watch YouTube tutorials or listen to podcasts, do something. Even when you take some time during that crisis off, do not use it as a holiday, but use it as a point of relaxing on purpose and then come out of it even stronger.

Come out of it even more accelerated. Come out of it with even more energy. You have to be ready when the lock-downs get lifted and you have to be ready to take advantage of this moment in your life in order to maximize the impact on your life in a positive way, not in a negative. Force it to be a positive thing in your life!

You must get an advantage right now. If you are an entrepreneur, you must get an advantage over your competition. Right now, is the time to do it. It is now or never. If you are an employee right now, it is your time to get an advantage over everybody else, that is competing with you for the same job right now or maybe in the future. That is why you must train. That is why you must give it your all, your 200 percent in order to make sure you are the best. Even though if you are forced into short term work, use the time actively to enhance your skills. If you just lost your job, use that time in order to make sure you are getting better. You are working on those skills. You must be a better employee in the future to be more attractive than anybody else in your field.

Now is the time to clean the plate, to push the numbers, to make sure you have everything in order to have some cash on hand, to get all the assets evaluated, in order to make sure that you can move and acquire new assets. Getting an advantage over all the other investors out there. It is like getting into the starting blocks, being in the starting blocks and waiting for this gun to fire. BOOM and everybody start running. Well, imagine you are heading for a 100-meter race and because everybody is just so sloppy, you manage to push your starting blocks. Not at a starting line where everybody else starts, but maybe 70, 80 or 90, you can even win against Usain Bolt if you manage to get that advantage!

That is what it is all about, that is why you need to accelerate now in the crisis in order to make sure that you get the most out of it. After that crisis comes a bull run again. The next 8 to 10 years from the point this crisis reaches the deepest points it is going to be great.

 There will be new businesses that invent new technologies. Some will totally change a market like Airbnb, you must be ready for it. It is decisive right now, if you get ready, then you can make sure that your starting blocks are moved forward. You are accelerating before everybody else, and you are building this momentum in order to use the next eight to ten years to the maximum.

This is what Corona stands for, at least for me.


About the Author
Jan-Marc Pickhan is an authority in Real Estate Investing, and Senior Managing Partner of LegacyBuilders Global. He shows you how to create wealth, time & security with profitable & safe property investments.
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