When we think of investing in Real Estate there may be many factors we take into consideration. The location is usually the beginning of our journey and discovery. Are there mountains around that draw the eye to their majestic view? Is there water that soothes the soul at the end of a long day? Are the homes close together promoting community togetherness or spaced far apart offering isolation and privacy? Denmark, often labeled the happiest country in the world with good reason, can be a
In the age of networking and building business relationships, it is so prudent to make connections and get in touch with people who are focused on similar topics and love to share their own expertise. For entrepreneurs, networking is as important as it is to focus on the strategic execution of their idea. Some entrepreneurs do not understand the importance of networking and building relationships as some of them do not want to spend money (that is investing in themselves
Thank you JT Foxx for providing this incredible network of entrepreneurs and coaches. Coach Cherie, thank you for helping us build LegacyBuildersGlobal. Thanks also to Coach Kevin for his support with all the contracts. WELCOME Kati Israel! Kati joins the LegacyBuidlers Global family as a Partner. Kati is an international Speaker and very successful Real Estate veteran. She trains Real Estate agents and helps them to become excellent in Sales and Marketing. Kati will help our operational partners in the