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How You Get Things Done When the Timing is Not Right?

You must remember that when you need to get things done, a good motto is “better done than none.”

Too often, when we have a goal or a vision in mind, we hesitate. There are so many fears rooted in your mind that it makes it difficult even to begin. Getting things done is put on hold when they believe it is not the right time for many people.

There always is a reason or an excuse to put off your action items, goals, or check off a to-do list. You must remember that when you need to get things done, a good motto is “better done than none.” There’s nothing worse than waiting to start something until you have the perfect setting.

The Timing Will Never Be Perfect

The need to wait for the right time is likely driven by the need for perfectionism. Perfectionism is when you need everything to be perfect in all that you do and how you look. There is a level of perfectionism that can be positive, but perfectionism can be crippling if it’s all you think about wanting to get things done, and waiting until the perfect time can hold you back from your successes.

You must throw perfection out the window when you want to accomplish anything. It’s not easy to move past perfectionism, and it does take time, but you can take little actions to move forward. You cannot hope to achieve anything without pushing forward with your motivation. If you do not start, you have nothing. It never has to be perfect; you just have to start.

The Fear of Failure

In many ways, hesitating to start or waiting until the perfect time has a lot to do with the fear of failure. Failure is a vital part of life. We struggle with failure because society and our culture frown upon failure and don’t see it as a gift. Success happens only truly after we try, and we fail repeatedly.

A great example of how failure impacts us is by looking at how we began life with no outside influences. As a toddler, we learned to walk by getting up and trying. We fell so often, yet we kept getting back up until we figured it out. How is it that when we reach adulthood and fail, we want to give up and ultimately stop trying?

Try and Do Your Best

It doesn’t matter how you do it. It just matters that you do it in the end. When something is not going as planned, or you fall, or you fail. You need to sit up and evaluate how you can get it done. Start to think of your options, assess how you have been working towards your goal, and think about if there are any ways to do it better. Is there anything you can change or adjust?

Whatever you are working towards won’t be perfect when you first start out. Compounding effect works on actions, not on intentions. Compounding intentions will not compound into success. If you move forward and take action, even the smallest movement, you improve daily. Whatever you are working towards, you must act regardless of the inevitability of failure. Just be true to yourself about what could be done better, and these small steps can help you on the path to success.

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