Our Operational Partners

Johannes Schäfer - Germany

Johannes has over 5 years’ experience in the financial Industry. In this time he was able to win over 200 clients himself and his team currently advices over 900 clients, private and businesses. His analytic approach and one of the highest commitments on client service in the industry enable him to almost always select the right investment for his investors.

His background in construction provides him insider knowledge and ensures his clients come out on top. When it comes to real estate investments in Germany, or abroad, Johannes will ensure you as an investor can invest in a safe, secure and profitable way.

Our Strategic Partners

Kati Israel – Global Agent Leader

Kati Israel is a veteran Real Estate Agent. She has owned a Regional office with Remax Estonia and today is the trainer of choice for Remax in Estonia. Our Agents profit from her excellent knowledge in Marketing and Sales. Kati helps building our partners a strong network of excellent agents to help investors select the right real estate for their portfolios.

Kati`s high energy, pragmatic approach helps every agent joining with LegacyBuilders to increase her sales substantially in the first 30 days. Our investors profit form one of the best trainings available in the industry which keeps our agents standards very high.

Our Globally Recognised  Advisers

Cherie Eilertsen – A Powerhouse Agent

Since 1990 Cherie has been training and empowering sales people all over South Africa and companies all over the world. Cherie believes that knowledge is power, and has written many books for the property industry, including her famous "Turbo Charge Your Selling Power", which has sold over 20 000 copies.

Today Cherie is an international Keynote Speaker and Master Business Coach. Her knowledge and experience in the Real Estate and business has been embedded into LegacyBuilders.

Kevin E. France – Founder and Managing Partner of Momentum

Kevin has more than three decades of experience in enabling businesses to conquer their industries. He has helped Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000 companies create winning accounts teams as well as healthcare divisions. He is also an international business consultant and strategist who has helped organizations develop million-dollar sales teams and coached leaders to be the best in their field.

JT Foxx – The worlds #1 Wealth Coach

JT Foxx is known as the worlds #1 Wealth coach. He focusses on results for his clients and operates over 50 businesses and brands. His organization has some of the best coaches in the world supporting their clients all over the world. His knowledge on Marketing and Branding has been critical to our strategy. JT is not only our coach, he also our business partner.