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Our Vision

“Anyone who seeks for a secure and profitable real estate deal will achieve it by relying on us as an accountable and loyal partner – all over the world!”.

Our Mission

We and our selected partners believe that a life in freedom and focus on what matters most grows on three pillars:

Personal Potential: Live your life to your fullest potential, surrounded by people who lift you up
Social Potential: Building your sustainable & local Legacy to strengthen your country
Economic Potential: Get PAID & benefit 100% of the deals based on what you want

Our Core Values

We handover the key to a world full of opportunities and build your Financial Skyscraper as loyal companions. We hold you accountable to achieve the goals you set while being YOU with every step of the way.

Achievement – Accountability – Loyalty – Curiosity – Authenticity


LegacyBuilders Global

Jennifer Pickhan: Co-Founder & Senior Managing Partner of LegacyBuilders Global

Jennifer is an entrepreneur by passion, is an expert when it comes to international asset and business building. With a degree in business administration, she started her career in real estate project development.

Further stations were in the function of an appraiser for real estate valuation (TÜV-certified) and as a financial planner.

Today, she conveys her successful wealth of experience, which she has gathered over the last 20 years, to her franchise partners and investors.

She knows how to convey complex issues easily and understandably in her presentations.

She inspires her participants with a firework of impulses when it comes to the successful handling of money and business building.

True to her motto "Success is not a question of luck, it's a question of decision!", she attaches great importance to developing the right attitude for investments. She empowers to make decisions and get into action.
LegacyBuilders Global

Jan-Marc Pickhan: Co-Founder & Senior Managing Partner of LegacyBuilders Global

Jan-Marc is an entrepreneur by passion and an expert when it comes to strategic business growth. He started his career in management as Supply Chain Manager Europe in an international company.

In more than 10 years in management positions and with a responsibility for worldwide projects valued at more than 150 million Euros, he gained a vast experience in the field of structured and process-oriented business building.

Meanwhile he is active in the field of corporate restructuring and succession planning.

In his consulting roles, workshops, and lectures, he inspires his participants with well-founded expertise combined with a wealth of pragmatic knowledge of success.

He knows how to focus on the "quick wins" and how to convey the essential content in a practical and easy-to-implement way.

True to his motto "Just because no one has done it yet, doesn't mean it can't be done", he encourages people to act instead of reacting.


LegacyBuilders Global

Giorgina Fox

Social Media Manager & Process Designer
LegacyBuilders Global

Cristine Bolos

Executive Assistant
LegacyBuilders Global

Lynette Tuvilla

Content Creator (Video & Graphics)
LegacyBuilders Global

Ryan Jose

Content Creator (Video)

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