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JT Foxx

JT Foxx is a private equity fund manager, a serial entrepreneur of many companies across all sectors, an investor in companies & property, and the World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach.

He has business interests in over 54 countries and is a former media personality having had his own self-syndicated radio show called the JT Foxx Show in the United States and Canada, which now has moved to his highly-popular MillionaireFlix platform.

He has appeared on major news media networks across the globe in addition to the features in Forbes and various print magazine covers as well as multiple radio shows.

JT Foxx has been described by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as the "Closest thing to Steve Jobs he has ever met".

Although a great compliment in JT's eyes, no one will ever come close to one his biggest inspiration to success.
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Cherie Eilertsen

Cherie Eilertsen is a Master Certified Executive Coach, Master Certified Business Coach, & Master Certified Sales Coach. She is an International Keynote Speaker, with 30 years’ experience in coaching & presenting.

Cherie coaches Business Owners & Executives across the world, to increase revenues & profits by focusing on the key levers which drive business.

Former Lecturer at the Centre for Highly Gifted Students, she was also a TV presenter. She consulted to South Africa’s 3 largest banks & addressed over 100 000 delegates.

She is the author of several property books as well as marketing videos, audios, CD’s & DVD’s.

A blue chip client base of local & international companies who engage Cherie repeatedly is testimony to her prolific material & dynamic presentation style. She is typically the top-rated speaker at any event at which she presents. She has coached 1000's of business owners in the biggest brands across the world.

As a professional speaker she has worked globally across every industry.
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Kevin E. France

Kevin E. France is an international business consultant and strategist with over 30 years of experience helping 1000+ companies in 38 countries on 6 continents throughout the world, where he pinpoint roadblocks and solve complex business problems—leading to accelerated company growth and revenue.

His expertise in marketing, branding, operational strategy, company culture & growth strategy has helped countless Fortune 100, Fortune 500, and Fortune 1000 companies reach their highest potential in terms of market share, distribution, and revenue.

He also helps develop and manage million-dollar sales teams and provide high-performance coaching to leaders. Kevin helped companies making less than $90 million to scale towards over $700 million, a 700+% increase in revenue.

Momentum Consulting Group was founded by Kevin E. France on the principle that every organization can achieve its vision with the proper foundation and allocation of resources.
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Sean Goldsmith

Sean Goldsmith is a Special Advisor to Franchisors and large corporates and has a long history of success in the industry.

He is currently heading up a mastermind of close on 350 franchise networks and is actively helping them solve the serious problems.

He is a mentor to franchisors, a coach and a Non-Exec who is currently offering critical strategic planning services to both the Franchise and Non Franchise Industry.

Sean is also involved in the development of Social Franchising by helping good causes expand through the principles of franchise success.
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Frederike Harms

Frederike is an executive business strategist with over 15 years experience as a consultant in process optimization, project management and change management.

Frederike developed her signature forward-thinking approach working on global, multi-million-dollar projects for companies like Unilever, Mercedes, and Starbucks. She now helps entrepreneurs design and implement simple, logical and repeatable processes to enable them to grow their businesses globally without the headaches.
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Franziska Ambacher

Franziska Ambacher is a biography consultant, value and business coach, change management consultant and mediator according to the certification standards and quality guidelines of the DBVC, ICV, QRC and DBM. She supports start-ups, specialists and executives how to rediscover themselves in the greatest upheaval in the world of work. Franziska Ambacher's slogan "Become what's inside you." is no coincidence. She herself always remains true to this value.

Due to a serious accident at work while training to be a carpenter, she has to give up her original plan of becoming a painting restorer. Despite her broken hand, the daring adventuress does not give up, believes in her talent and reinvents herself in her professional life.

As a strong-willed survivor and ambitious career changer, Franziska Ambacher has had an unparalleled career, from traineeship to top management in various companies. Even when she suddenly found herself in a mid-life crisis and belonged to the so-called insolvency estate of her employer, a DAX-listed premium global player in the fashion industry, she started again from scratch at the age of 40. By getting to know biographical work, she initiates a powerful transformation.

Franziska Ambacher reorients herself in a Munich management consultancy. As a coach and consultant, she concentrates on her core competence: value development for executives. She supports the who's who of the German economy and accompanies dynamic change processes in the media and creative industries as well as in the automotive, aerospace technology, information technology and mechanical engineering sectors.

In the summer of 2015, Franziska Ambacher founded her own coaching and consulting company "changeify". Her clients benefit from her wealth of experience and her cordial, trusting nature as well as from her diverse practical know-how from over 35 years of change processes.

Her enthusiasm for art and culture is reflected in the fact that Franziska Ambacher acted in theater from the age of four until she was 20 and ran a painting studio in Munich for decades. With the skills she has developed, she moves just as light-footedly on solid ground as in agile start-up corporate cultures. Franziska Ambacher inspires people and companies who are willing to change in turbulent times.

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