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Are you looking for buyers? Capital? Or Investors?

You could be spending your time being creative and productive instead of searching for buyers, capital, or investors.

Why waste your time? Let us help you find the right buyer, investor, or capital faster than you can say “you’re the cheese to my macaroni”.

Learn more about our innovative system that gets you PAID and lets you relax and focus on what you do best - creating great products to turn into profitable investment deals.


As a developer, finding buyers and investors can be very time-consuming. Imagine if you could simply log into one place to engage both Buying and Investing parties.

Find out how our developers make the most of their time and create significant growth for their businesses.


You may be faced with endless issues when looking for buyers, capital, or investors dealing with communication problems and long journeys to meetings.

But we have this problem solved for you! Our approved developers save time and money through our unique and proven system. They sell faster and more efficiently than their competitors. (Remember the macaroni?)

Learn how our system can help your business become more effective:

Meet Us: Connect with us by scheduling an appointment with one of our professionals. Click this link to get started.  

Discovery: We will show you what LegacyBuilders Global is all about and what opportunity this means for you. You can ask us all the questions you might have and we will clarify them along the way

Onboarding: You will be assigned your personal success partner who will guide you through the set-up process.

Continued support: You and your success partner will work together to help you make the most out of your investment projects.

Become Our Approved Developer Today!

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