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Becoming a LegacyBuilders Global Partner is about making smart decisions for you and your business. Together we will choose the intensity of the partnership, ranging from being an Affiliate to becoming a Franchise Partner.

You will benefit of get introduced to the right people, promoting your business to a global audience and market within an exclusive network.



It is so hard to get started on your own, even if you are saying yes to the life you really want.

There are always excuses, there are always good reasons for choosing the easier way and settling for less than what you really want – be it a job that makes you sick, or a relationship that doesn’t make you happy. You do not have to settle with anything less than what you really want. And there will be some people who will drop anything to help support you in getting there.

There are accountability partners who are in the same place as you, who will support your dreams, who will challenge and change your thinking, who understand your fears and doubts… Who will sit down with you when you need it most and give you the courage and motivation to say NO once in a while to the easier way, because they have learned to say YES more often.

Want to become an Partner? Here are the following steps:

Meet Us: Connect with us by scheduling an appointment with one of our professionals. Click this link to get started.  

Discovery: We will show you what LegacyBuilders Global is all about and what opportunity this means for you. You can ask us all the questions you might have and we will clarify them along the way

Onboarding: Together we will make the decision for the next steps. Through our onboarding process you will have access to everything you need to start successfully.

Continued support: We will provide you the support necessary based on your experience, knowledge, and ambitions.

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