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  • You want to have a change in your professional life?
  • You want to start or scale your business?
  • You don‘t only want to be part of a team but of a family?

Our agents have their focus on our clients or better to say, investors. We guide our investors to build their wealth in a strategic way in consideration of their personal goals in life.

Our agents are “the rock in the surf“, steadfast and committed. It‘s a priviliedge to guide our investors who entrust us with their hard earned money. Side by side, we pave the way, so that our investors can make well-founded and fast decisions.

We don‘t accept any NO for our investors and fight for every percentages of profit.

Together with our Global Team, we use our strenghts and focus of the best for our investors in the same time as we focus on building and caring our long-term partnerships


What‘s in it for you?

  • A stable and profitable business, what you are going to establish in less than 12 months.
  • Our first Franchise Partner could secure a turnover in 2020 of € 100.000,- in only 9 months. The forecast for 2021 with € 500.000,- is already 60% secured within Q1.

Book a call today and let‘s check together, if we can build this long-term partnership for LegacyBuilders Global.