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Posted by: Core Team, LegacyBuilders Global

How Fear Makes You a Winner?​

We won’t sugarcoat it for you — fear will stop you from reaching most goals in life. But fear doesn’t have to be the nemesis. When used effectively, it is a pillar for success. Fear helps build willpower, discipline, and determination to become your best self and win all your way to success.

Have you ever felt scared when setting goals and achieving your dreams?

You’re not the only one.

The good news is that every successful individual felt scared too. If they didn’t, they would never take risks, and they wouldn’t be where they are today. Successful people power through not because of the absence of fear but the courage to do it.

We have all heard the saying: “If you can’t beat fear, just do it scared.”

This can be one of your greatest assets if you learn to use it the right way – fear can make you a winner in your personal and professional goals.

Why You Need to Overcome Your Fears

“What if I fail?” But, “What if not?”

“I’m not sure.” The fear of the unknown is something that we can relate to.

We’re sure you have those moments too when you ask yourself what’s scary about what I’m doing. But if it persists inside your head and feels the urge to do it, by all means just do it.

Some people think the only way to overcome their fears is to avoid doing what scares them-but this is not the case. In order to get over your fears, you need to do what scares you. Doing so will help build your self-confidence and sustain your momentum of success, which will make it easier for you, the next time something scares you comes along.

By facing your fears head-on, you are learning how to take control of your life and live without regrets. Part of healthy coping mechanisms with fear is projecting the worst-case scenario and realizing that it’s not so bad after all. What else could you lose?

You’ll be surprised to find out in the end, how the gains outweigh the loss. Looking back, you’d thank yourself for braving through.

Practice And Preparation

This is a battle for our dreams, and in every battle, we know how important it is to come prepared. We can get a high chance of winning by training ourselves to be fearless in the face of challenges: visualization and positive affirmations.

How do you visualize success?

A good way to start is with a simple timeline of your day, plan out what you want to accomplish and what obstacles might stand in your way. Visualize yourself overcoming those obstacles, which trains your brain for success.

Why should we do what scares us?

Doing things that scare us is important because they help us grow, and develop our resilience. They push our limits and allow us to stretch ourselves in ways we never knew were possible. Plus, doing what scares us often leads to greater opportunities!

5 Steps to Overcome Fear

To be the person we aspire to be, we have to learn to live with fear. It is either you let it overpower you or empower you.

Here are five actionable steps you can use to power through your fears:

  1. List down what scares you
  2. Identify where your fears come from
  3. Acknowledge what could be the worst outcome
  4. Take fear as an opportunity rather than a threat
  5. Celebrate overcoming something that previously scared you


Fear is a powerful force that can hold you back from ever experiencing the life you deserve.

Understanding the reasons, why you’re scared is the first step to overcoming fear. Once you identify it, there are steps you can take to get over those fears. Practice and preparation are also important. Doing something scary every day will help you to get over it eventually.

Stop being held back by fear like everybody else. Especially if you have bigger dreams and want to become a successful entrepreneur like ourselves. Don’t ever let your fears defeat your dreams! We know you can win it!

If you are not scared, you are not dreaming big enough. You’ve reached this part of the article and we feel that you have it in you. -The ambition to power through! Now if it gets overwhelming, please feel free to contact us. The LegacyBuilders Global Team is always here to assist you with your business and property investment queries.

E-mail us: concierge@legacybuildersglobal.com 
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